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To avoid such issues and complications

To avoid such issues and complications here are some tips that might be helpful in using Hollister ostomy supplies or a moldable Hollister stomas flange:

1. Make sure that the patient measures the stoma every time he or she changes the pouch for the first four to six weeks. This is to ensure that the size opening is correct. The constant checking of the size is relevant since the size will vary due to postsurgical edema and then later due to abdominal distention and the diminishing of the firmness of the skin.

2. Uneven skin surface is the result of leakage around the stoma and will seep under the seal. To avoid this from happening, advise the patient to use a skin caulking material that will balance or fill in the spaces.

3. Always measure the stoma at the base. Bear in mind to keep the opening of the skin barrier slightly larger than the stoma size. Larger openings will cause skin damage due to effluent, while smaller opening may injure the stoma too. That is why it is necessary to assess and refit the size of pouches into the stoma. Thus, remind patients to have a regular schedule for pouch change and to immediately take action whenever leakage occurs so as to protect the skin and avoid further complications.

4. Odor is one of the major problems of people who went through this kind of surgery. Normally, a fecal ostomy will experience gas and stool drain. Gas formation is inevitable however patients can control it by limiting themselves the consumption of any gas-producing foods like cabbage, broccoli, beans, onions, and also beer. The fewer the gas forming bacteria found in the small intestine than in the colon will definitely evade the problem with gas most likely for ileostomy patient.

Odor is usually caused by the seal between the pouch and the skin that is not secure or the edge of the pouch is not purged well. The edge of the pouch just below the clamp is exposed to air hence, it is important to wipe it well to achieve complete cleanliness.

5. Ensure that the seal between the adhesive backing on the pouch and the skin is properly placed otherwise it is better to change the entire pouch. If securing the seal is a constant problem, the patient needs to change the pouch more often or better yet switch to a different pouching system or brand. There are other ostomy supplies online that provides better service as well as much more effective Hollister ostomy supplies or moldable Hollister stomas flange.

6. Although patients are not restricted to eat certain foods, it is best to consult nutritional advice and follow a dietary guide to avoid distention and obstruction especially during the first two or three weeks after the surgery.

Get more ideas from ostomy support groups and online suppliers that are sincerely focused on helping ostomy patients.

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